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The hiatus is back off, again…

I know I’ve been slipping. Been cleaning out and renovating the basement (Bob Vila got nothin on me!) and unfortunately I think I reached the last Dusty Box of Tapes…however Ronnie from Staten Island came to the rescue over the summer. Ron blessed me with the junk from his cellar. So as I said the hiatus is back off, again (shouts to the Beastie Boys). The way I figure there are a good 200 shows out there (50/year for 4+ years) and every tape is a step closer to a full set. Looks like the cassette deck and computer will be busy for a bit longer. Thanks Ron! Stay tuned…


no cursing redux

This is pretty much the next installment in the freestyles from the previous week.  I love how right after I explain the whole cursing thing someone drops “sh–” on about their 7th word.  Gotta love those cats, man.  Extra shouts to Shakir for being a good sport when we put him on Mic Lockdown.

On the roster this time we had:

  • Master Lyrical Arts (Jay from Trenton)
  • DL from Queens (who breaks out without rhyming)
  • Ness (AGP)
  • Bizear Intellectual (AGP)
  • Shakir (AGP)
  • That cat from the Unfound (can’t decipher the name, which is sad cause he rocked it)

Part 1 

Part 2 


The sign says “no cursing”, man!

Show – August 19, 1993

This is a second half tape, meaning “after midnight”, and also meaning lots of freestyles. Freestyles were always a whole lot of fun but were also REALLY hard to police and censor so needless to say we would have these waves of lots of guests and freestyles, which would result in curse or two slipping by, a complaint letter, then of course a period of no guests and no freestyles. It was like a Thursday night tradition. We were definitely keepin’ it real and/or sometimes “getting suspended”.

On the freestyle lineup we have: Jigs from Franklin, Logic (aka Mr. Bust a Funky Rhyme), Mark, Off-Daddy-On from Jersey City, Ace Slaughter, and a few other MCs I can’t identify anymore…oh and Jay from Trenton…the J the A the A the Y the Y the Y…. (anyone got a tape of the Killer K show?)

Part 1 – Freestyles in heaps and piles

Part 2 – The B.U.M.S. debut their single. More freestyles.


I can’t be on the mic, the wheels, and the phone all at the same time…

Show – June 30, 1993

I had to kick this one off all alone. Now trying to set up equipment, get the intro, station IDs, playlist and all that ready in time to hit the air right at 10pm makes for some interesting radio. Often busted mixes, long pauses…but not this time. Reason was the victim. Listening to this you’ll hear the classic all-star message “Close the Crack House” which I promptly followed up with Kool G Rap’s “On the Run” which is all about what?…the mob, drugs, and money. Both are classics, but so are oil and water.

Also people wonder why I leave the commercials in. Partly because I don’t feel like editing but these tapes are also little history lessons and time capsules so sometimes you catch a reality check. This is a perfect reason why. Peep the Ford “In-Armrest” Cellular Phone commercial. Nothing funnier than old cellphones.

Anyone remember my phone?

...and my car?

Part 1 – D spins it for Dolo…

Part 2 – Seyfu and Reg show up (D still spins dolo-style). Seyfu gives shouts to the girl who’s name he can’t remember.


Shields Up

Show – May 13th, 1993

Mr Scott…we need more power circa 1993! Lots of classic tunes on this one. Joints you probably just won’t hear anymore. If I had more time I’d write playlists, but feel free to use the comments area to contribute…c’mon help a brotha out! This contains another one of Seyfu’s poetry moments…the original “Shields Up”.

Part 1 –

Part 2 – Seyfu puts the Shields Up


Sounds of the Underground

Show – March 18, 1994

You just never know what the dusty box of tapes will give you. A curveball. A gem even! Shouts to the phenomenal DJ Marc Coleman…ahh yeah.

Here’s a little sorbet, a palate cleanser, or that glass of milk between heaping plates of hip-hop hot wings…a little something for my house/club people…enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2


Live for the Day

Show – October 20, 1994

This is one of the very few complete 3-hour shows I found in the box of dusty tapes. It’s got a bit of everything. D, Seyfu, Big-O and Symphony are on hand to hold down the mic and the turntables. The Street Vibes compliation album of songs produced by our listeners (and us) got some shine…and still does (check out the You Tube love 16 years later!). Seyfu gets his spoken word on. Shout outs all over the place and classic hip-hop from 1994 (the golden age). Too much fun, man….too much fun.

Part 1 – Show Open

Part 2 – Street Vibes debuts

Part 3 – Seyfu “lives for the day”

Part 4

PS – I found a case of Street Vibes albums in the basement so hit me up if you want one. Gotta have a turntable though…real wax, people. – D