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I can’t be on the mic, the wheels, and the phone all at the same time…

Show – June 30, 1993

I had to kick this one off all alone. Now trying to set up equipment, get the intro, station IDs, playlist and all that ready in time to hit the air right at 10pm makes for some interesting radio. Often busted mixes, long pauses…but not this time. Reason was the victim. Listening to this you’ll hear the classic all-star message “Close the Crack House” which I promptly followed up with Kool G Rap’s “On the Run” which is all about what?…the mob, drugs, and money. Both are classics, but so are oil and water.

Also people wonder why I leave the commercials in. Partly because I don’t feel like editing but these tapes are also little history lessons and time capsules so sometimes you catch a reality check. This is a perfect reason why. Peep the Ford “In-Armrest” Cellular Phone commercial. Nothing funnier than old cellphones.

Anyone remember my phone?

...and my car?

Part 1 – D spins it for Dolo…

Part 2 – Seyfu and Reg show up (D still spins dolo-style). Seyfu gives shouts to the girl who’s name he can’t remember.