Soma swings by

Show – 1995
D kicks off the show in hectic fashion with Soulfingas on the other side of the glass. Artist Soma (“Causin’ Mass Hysteria”) pays a visit to PRB and hips us to all of his projects. Seyfu arrives to give a RIP to his grandmother and takes set#2.

Apologizes for fuzziness…we recorded all shows off the air instead of a clean board output (don’t even ask). Being too close to the local transmitter (the big one was down) and in a basement isn’t always a recipe for butter sounds.

Part 1 – D goes dolo…

Part 2 – …and that ni–a Seyfuuuuuu!

2 Responses to “Soma swings by”

  1. 1 tt
    May 10, 2010 at 7:21 pm

    lmfao rite now. i remember this show; i was 17 when i taped it & took it in my purse when me & my friend went 2 c these guys in Philly. there was nothing on the radio so i pulled my tape out, & like 4 blunts later 4got 2 eject it. needless 2 say, bye-bye phat tape! lol. those were some of the best times of my life… i can’t believe i’m listening to this on the internet 15 yrs later. peace 2 all the time travellers!

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