This is the Vibes and Vapors Show…

This is the history of the infamous Vibes and Vapors Show…. or at least a place to reminisce and remember that which was 1992 to 1997 on WPRB on a Wednesday/Thursday night.  Just a bunch of (actual) college kids trying to forget about studying for a few hours and put on a good show.  Post thoughts, memories, and if you’ve got tapes (especially on mp3)…let us know!  The cassette recorder at the station was never in the best shape, nor was a lot of the other equipment for that matter.  We used to call that “flavor”.  Enjoy.

Currently there are about 30 shows posted so please dig through previous months in the archive links over on the right side.

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Trenton Do Be Wreckin’ Shop

Sometime in 1993, soon after the Raw Deal exodus. Cats were clearly having shout-out shock moving from late Wednesday to Thursday night. As they say, “Trenton Do Be Wrecking Shop” in this installment.


You’re not “on the air on the air”, but you’re on the air…

Show – 1993-ish
Up in the spot…a whole lot of people (J…, KJ, Ace, Bize (on the phone), D, Care Bear, Corey Blunt, Seyfu) . Ace “kicks the floor from up under the building” on a freestyle with Seyfu…and pretty much just Seyfu as usual. Why do writers think they can MC? 🙂


Donald Byrd 1932-2013…the lost demo.

I’m late to the memorial party but in case you missed it…”Mr. Spaces and Places/Rock Creek Park” himself moved on about 3 weeks ago to that eternal jazz combo on the other side. In 1996/97 the Poisoned Ivy crew had the pleasure to get down with him on a jazz hip hop project. How crazy is it that while rummaging through my drawers (desk drawer you wierdos!), I stumble upon the original demo tape…unplayed, for a good 16 or 17 years. Better than saying something drippy and cliche I figured I’d treat you to a real honest to goodness Lost Tape, a gem, a piece of history… The Donald Byrd Hip Hop Reflections Project. The beginning is seriously moving to say the least. I left it uncut but it’s really 3 or 4 distinct pieces but it flows nicely as a whole.

It was an honor to have pressed record for that brother a time or two.


Donald Byrd Hip Hop Reflections Project (feat. Rush N Rule it)


Speaking of boxes…

Show – October 29, 1992

J…, ESV, and even G was in the spot. I’m soooo glad Ronnie taped this one because this is nothing but end-to-end classics. I always say that this site/blog is a historical record and this show truly lives up to that claim. Technical issues and all…they just don’t do radio like this anymore…RIP 98.7 KISS NYC.

Part 1 – Classics, classics everywhere

Part 2 – G swings by with The Raw Deal flavs and more classics…Courageous Chief even! it flips to the next night’s Raw Deal (with G and DJ Kam) show at the 25 min mark. Gotta love radio tapes.


2011 Reunion Show – in case you missed it

Vibes and Vapors 2011

Vibes and Vapors 2011

Even the pre-Halloween snow couldn’t keep us down! Waaaay too much fun to say the least. Good to put the crew back together for a couple more hours. Thanks to WPRB and the Side B Radio crew for having us over for a playdate. Gotta do this again sometime.
I could write all day but it’s best to just listen…2 hours of classics:

Also check out the Side B Radio Blog at http://sidebradio.blogspot.com


Reunion Show 2011

The whole crew returns to WPRB 103.3 FM Princeton this Sunday October 30th for more classic hop hip radio!

Listen live on http://www.wprb.com/listen.php

Don’t miss it.
10/30 5p-7p LIVE!


Feel the ChakaKahn-ness

Show – some Wednesday night in 1992

Going way back to the early dual-personality hiphop/house format, here’s a little house-infused show. J and ESV carry the hosting duties. D and Sel on the turntables. Good stuff…refreshing even. Ahhhh.

Part 1

Part 2