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Live for the Day

Show – October 20, 1994

This is one of the very few complete 3-hour shows I found in the box of dusty tapes. It’s got a bit of everything. D, Seyfu, Big-O and Symphony are on hand to hold down the mic and the turntables. The Street Vibes compliation album of songs produced by our listeners (and us) got some shine…and still does (check out the You Tube love 16 years later!). Seyfu gets his spoken word on. Shout outs all over the place and classic hip-hop from 1994 (the golden age). Too much fun, man….too much fun.

Part 1 – Show Open

Part 2 – Street Vibes debuts

Part 3 – Seyfu “lives for the day”

Part 4

PS – I found a case of Street Vibes albums in the basement so hit me up if you want one. Gotta have a turntable though…real wax, people. – D