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What Happens in Miami…

Show – Fall 1995
Corey Blunt reports about ODB making his presence felt at the “How Can I Be Down?” conference in Miami. D and Hagos do the hosting. The “BK crew” swing by and let off some teenage energy to close the show…yes.

Part 1 –

Part 2 –


C(lassic) Blunt

Show – June 22, 1995
Just simply a great set by Corey Blunt, unfortunately we join it somewhere in the middle. Spinning isn’t always about tricks and effects and whatnot. A good set is a good set: selection, blends, and continuity…especially given the spinning-unfriendly ‘PRB studio. I present to you Exhibit A.

Part 1 – DJ Corey Blunt

Part 2 – Sey subs in


The Wayback Machine

Show – late 1992ish
J, Seyfu and ESV host (with Karlyn guest-lurking in the back somewhere). This is an old school set for the books. You won’t hear them like this anymore.

Part 1 – J kills ’em with his crates.

Part 2


Too many hosts not enough mics

Show – Winter 1993
There’s about 10-15 mins of news, commercials, and shoutouts in the beginning but just the mere fact that we rocked the ABC news feed with Zulu War Chant underneath is pure Vibes on a Thursday night. When you don’t get paid you just might do anything.

J’s Sandbox Crew from the Bx is in the house, Care Bear, Ace, the B.U.M.S., Corey Blunt, Sey-boogie, J, and D Groovy all crowded into that tiny funky basement studio…even KJ does some shoutouts.

Part 1 – R.I.F.

Part 2 – How many brothers does it take to give away tickets?


Ruff Enuff? (maybe not)

Lots of heads in the basement this evening. We also tried to premiere a new track that ended up on Terminator X album called Ruff Enuff (by the Punk Barbarians) however the tape deck in the station was SO bad over the air that I edited it out of this posting. It was just unlistenable so if you go “huh…what?” that’s why. If I can find a better copy of Ruff Enuff I’ll splice it in later. I can’t place the date on this one…I need an assist from Seyfu. Enjoy.