Brought to you by Global…

Show – sometime in 1993 (so says the West Coast Jawn…much thanks for the critical ears!)

Hmmm… there’s a line between sponsorship and being “bought”. Not sure what side of the line we were on on this particular week. I hope Global (‘sup Darren!) was happy with the show because they apparently paid for it. Hey at a college station, you’ll take all the revenue you can get, nahmeen? This might also be one of the longest shout-out lists ever…it just keeps going. In the spot: J, D.Groovy, Seyfu, Corey Blunt. This was also on an old Maxell UR 120 minute tapes. The actual tape is really really thin and you could get them for about $1. I’m shocked it still plays.

Corey Blunt comes thru with the uptown flavors…

2 Responses to “Brought to you by Global…”

  1. May 30, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    I believe you guys have the wrong date on this one. After listening to the set, a caller says she’s getting out of jail in ’94. So I believe this mix is from sometime in 1993. Also, the music predates your 94 & 95 shows, it’s all from around ’93 & earlier…

    Anyhow, Vibes and Vapors was the best show EVERRRRRRRR!!! I listened to this show religiously when I was a teenager. I probably have around 30-40 tapes of material over the years, but I would record one song at a time and they are not whole mixes. I;ll have to dig em out for you guys

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