If you were a DJ…you’d understand…

Show – May 20th, 1993
This is one of the earlier shows after the jump to Thursdays and into the old Raw Deal slot. This is definitiely one of the the most “classic” Vibes shows of all times. In a nutshell, we had no turntables that night so we tried to mix off the board equipment (not real fresh). So we ended up doing just about anything to fill the 3 hours, poetry, freestyles, lots of shout outs…and of course pure buggin’. All kinds of people in the studio: D, Seyfu, ESV…Alison is the guest board op, D. Crum is on the prose. Seyfu and D. Crum recite the classic “Shields Up”. Like I said…no turntables.

Part 3 – Why part 3? Because this is tape is from set 3. I can’t find the first half tape.

Part 4 – Ace and BUMS quick freestyle

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