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Feel the ChakaKahn-ness

Show – some Wednesday night in 1992

Going way back to the early dual-personality hiphop/house format, here’s a little house-infused show. J and ESV carry the hosting duties. D and Sel on the turntables. Good stuff…refreshing even. Ahhhh.

Part 1

Part 2


The Next Level: Thursdays, Punk Barbarians, and 7 Special Hours

Show – 1993.
So many things and not enough title space. This was the first Thursday show following the abrupt torch passing from The Raw Deal. The Punk Barbarians came thru (like whoo) and killed it live. I remember lots of phone calls and having to explain “No, G won’t be here”, over and over. But I think we stepped up pretty well on short notice. To top it off, since this is one of Ronnie’s tapes, there’s a little bonus at the end. Let me explain…Once our show was over at 1am we used to like to “throw” to the Stretch Armstrong Show on WKCR (Columbia U). Sad thing is that the throw was only meaningful for a special patch of real estate somewhere roughly around Middlesex County, Edison, and Staten Island where the broadcast ranges overlapped and you could pick up both stations. So if you were lucky to live in that area, on Thursday nights, you were treated to what I dare call…THE BEST 7 HOUR BLOCK OF HIP HOP RADIO OF ALL TIME. There…I said it. Not that Vibes and Vapors necessarily originated it or elevated it, but it was an honor to have contributed to it. Not bad for 2 Ivy League radio stations, huh? Since this was the first show, post-Raw Deal, huge props and shouts always to G. Thanks for the foundation. And as a disclaimer, I never like to post up someone else’s show without permission, but also understand that this site is a hip hop time capsule, a historical marker of sorts, (and a whole lot of fun) so to Stretch and Bobbito (aka Kool Bob Love, aka….oh nevermind) if you object to the last 15 mins, just hit me on the side (Sel or Ron can find me) and it’s as good as gone. It’s all peace and love.

Part 1 – PBs perform “The Boom” live. Never made the album so this is a rare gem.

Part 2 – Show closes out with the original PB’s “Rest in Peace”, then flips over to Stretch and Bob.


Show 52 – blasting the vault

Show – December 2, 1993

This posting officially cracks open Ronnie’s Vault. Most of the previous tapes were just shows that survived living in the backseat of my car, various spring cleanings, and dusty moving boxes. Ironically, Ron’s tapes were actually labeled and treated well…you might call it a “collection” even. Interesting to hear what he chose to save. For this particular show, the sets are refreshing… many classics I haven’t heard since. Historically this is truly show #52 in that it closed out the first year of Vibes and Vapors broadcasting. Thanks goes to my man in Staten Island for getting this little benchmark on tape.

Set #1 –
Setlist includes:
Ultramagnetic MC’s – 1,2
Rumpletilskinz – Hoodz
HanSoul – That’s Life
Counterattack – Rat-a-tat
King Rayshaun – Powerful Impact

Set #2


Reunion Show

Show – August 15, 2010

Shouts to Phil Jackson from Side B Radio on WPRB Sundays 5p-7p.

Thanks to everyone for tuning in and logging on. It was one of those truly special days, man. Here’s the replay, complete with technical “flavor” in the beginning as we stall for time while the previous show moves their equipment out and we install ours in a matter of minutes..and make sure that it was recording…enjoy.

Playlists are in the comments area.

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The sign says “no cursing”, man!

Show – August 19, 1993

This is a second half tape, meaning “after midnight”, and also meaning lots of freestyles. Freestyles were always a whole lot of fun but were also REALLY hard to police and censor so needless to say we would have these waves of lots of guests and freestyles, which would result in curse or two slipping by, a complaint letter, then of course a period of no guests and no freestyles. It was like a Thursday night tradition. We were definitely keepin’ it real and/or sometimes “getting suspended”.

On the freestyle lineup we have: Jigs from Franklin, Logic (aka Mr. Bust a Funky Rhyme), Mark, Off-Daddy-On from Jersey City, Ace Slaughter, and a few other MCs I can’t identify anymore…oh and Jay from Trenton…the J the A the A the Y the Y the Y…. (anyone got a tape of the Killer K show?)

Part 1 – Freestyles in heaps and piles

Part 2 – The B.U.M.S. debut their single. More freestyles.


Smoothe da Hustler, Trigga da Gambler, and Monie Love

Hands down one of my favorite shows. There’s no more to say. Smoothe da Hustla and his brother Trigga da Gambler came through and blessed it thoroughly with a little impromptu-ism. Broken Language was absolutely at it’s height. We even coaxed Monie Love into dropping a little freestyle somethin’ as well. Classic. Much thanks as well to Rafiq… and James from Burlington (by way of Shaolin) for recording this show for us and sending the tape. Corey Blunt on the 1’s and 2’s.


One hour earlier…

Show – June 15th, 1995

We had just moved up into a 9p-12a timeslot for the summer which was good news for cats who had, by this time, graduated and needed commute back to NYC to work on Friday mornings. D, Sey, and Big-O in the spot. Sey spins and I think Big-O does a set on this one.

Part 1 –

Part 2 –


Sleepyhedz, B.U.M.S., and a fake a– Redman.

Show – July ’95 (i think)
All I know is we were really tired. You can actually hear it. Cats were dragging…so lots of non-music activities followed. Tired minds, a microphone, and 30,000 watts is a recipe for silly season. “Or” (from the Bums) does some real nonchalant shout outs.

Part 1 – Seyfu spins. The BUMS debut “The Bumrush”.

Part 2 – Classic PRB snafus. 2 month old news feed. Break goes real long b/c Seyfu “goes Redman” on us and freestyles….multiple times.


Back….like blau!

Show – Sept. 95 (according to Seyfu)
Apparently we were “back” for some reason. We never ever got suspended. I have no idea what we were talking about. But then again that’s the norm for most of our shows. Seyfu and D open the show. 30-minute sets so we got about 3 sets on one 90 min tape.
Part 1 – Seyfu spins.

Part 2 – D does lots of shouts. Seyfu spins again.


That was kinda racist wasn’t it?…whatever.

Show – Dec. 28th 1995 –

Hagos, Big-O, and D.Groovy in the spot. D spins a quick set. Xmas break.